More about us

1. Humblebloom is a Sydney based Wedding photography. We do love traveling to anywhere around the world, we will be there to capture your wedding even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

2. We love natural lighting. We will try to capture your wedding without artificial lighting to get the nice natural looks in the results. However we are not shy to use flash to get an artistic shot and to counter the worst lighting environment.

3.  We love candid moments and journalistic approach. We want you to enjoy your day and not to worry about everything else, we will take care of the documentary. We respect a wedding as a sacred ceremony that unites 2 lovely individual into 1 family.  We do our best to capture every single detail of the important moment, from people, candid expressions, decorations, love and laughter, and everything in that day with utmost respect of the ceremony.

4. We only use professional wedding photographer equipments. We have a range of professional DSLRs with many variety of  professional lenses.